{Interior Decorating} Eclectic Gallery Wall

I’m back! After a short time working for a home building company and learning ALOT about the design industry I am now jobless with a growing baby belly! I am happy to say I can spend more time doing what I am passionate about, Interior Decorating and helping my family with a new business they have started back in B.C. Cherry Creek Soap & Co. Make sure you check them out as they have some amazing products that are 100% natural and available online.

I look forward to connecting with new people and sharing some of my daily projects and design inspiration once again.

Lets start with a look at the gallery wall I did for our little man that we are expecting to arrive in June 2015!


First step in making your own gallery wall is to find inspiration whether that be from the web, magazine clips, TV shows etc. and come up with a concept. If you are handy on a computer I find making a document like the one below with as many of the other elements of the room it can be very helpful. You may find that as you go you will stray from the original concept which is totally fine as long as you keep in mind the overall look and feel that you are going for.

Baby Room Mood Board

After finalizing the above concept I searched for weeks until I found these gold metal frames shown below from the thrift shop and decided to use them for the quotes that I had found online. Being from B.C. I of course had to incorporate “Lets Live In The Mountains” and because my husband and I are pretty laid back I wanted to add some humor with the “Naps” quote.


I then placed the frames out on the floor for weeks as I continued to find, add and move pieces around until I felt it was just right! I wanted to incorporate some empty frames because I love the look it creates, I wanted to add a small pop of color and some sort of object to give variety. By pulling colors from the rest of the room (wood frames to match dresser, white frames to match crib, similar tones etc.) I was able to make my vision come to life even tho it may not have been the exact replica of my original concept.

Gallery Wall

FYI: The two empty frames I found at a garbage dump (from the give and take section), the wood round frame I found at the dollar store (inside frame is a quote from the Steve-O book) , the tin Letter C and teal cut out was from Michaels Craft Store, and the white frame from Ikea.

As you can see this gallery was done on a very low budget, its best to use meaningful items and take your time to find each piece.

If you are worried about the actual process of putting up your gallery make sure you check out this tutorial for How to Hang a Gallery Wall The Right Way. I Personally have no patience and put up each piece separately by eying it and it always seems to turn out but I know not everyone is willing to take that chance.

Good luck with your own projects and stay posted for photos of the finished room come June.

UPDATE – Concept to completion!

Concept to Completion Baby Room

Thank you!


{Antique Finds} Vintage Wooden Shoe Forms

I would like to welcome Ally Clark from Bones & Butter as a new contributor. She is a personal friend of mine from BC & she specializes in antiques. Ally has a real eye for finding unique pieces to re sell, collect and inspire! I absolutely love the creative story behind her company name — “Bones & Butter.. what an odd name?? It makes sense to me, flowed together with much thought. In a ghetto hostel bed while traveling I woke up to that name imprinted in my brain. I could see it. Bones are the furniture in your home. With-out bones you have no body.. without furniture your home isn’t complete. Butter represents the kitchen, although there are many important rooms in a home the kitchen is special. People come together in the kitchen bringing back the old school family tradition of eating dinner together. Bones & Butter represent a home.” — Ally


Check out her first find as a contributor!


— Wooden Shoe Forms —
Processed with Rookie Processed with Rookie
Shoe making is one of the oldest professions. These old wooden shoe forms would of been a staple to the shoemakers daily work.  Although certain professions are less heard of in present day we can incorporate there memories in our decorating.


I love any old item with a story, and to mix old items with newer pieces is a great way to decorate your home.   I bought these 3 wooden shoe forms from a flea market. My great grandpa was a shoemaker in Vancouver and I’m sure he’d be proud of this vintage find. It’s hard to date back how old these wooden shoe forms are exactly but these pairs are anywhere from 60-100 years old. I’ve seen newer one’s that are glossy and light brown. But these particular ones are very old by looking at the wear of them and style. Also one set has a metal bottom. If you can get your hands on a pair don’t put them down!


 I think they look classy sitting on a table but you can put them anywhere. Here are some other ideas of how to could showcase them in your own home.


1 2 3 4 5 6



Decorating Dilemma- What Would You Choose?

There’s nothing more rewarding than having family members supporting your passions! My cousin Carmen and her Husband Tim are always open to my opinion when it comes to their home decor! Whenever they have decorating questions I always get a call and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Today I got a text with a photo of an amazing handmade side table that was made by Tim who is a very talented carpenter! The dilemma was in choosing the hardware, now Carmen had her mind-set on a blue glass knob but when the stain they used turned out to be a bit more rustic than what they thought she started second guessing that choice. We had a quick discussion over the phone and came to the conclusion that clear glass knobs might be the best option to showcase this piece.

I would recommend to everyone that you either test out your options by purchasing both sets of hardware or use a simple editing program to get a quick feel for what it would look like. Below I have posted 2 options and I would love to hear what your choice would be!


Side Table


Thank you!

“Love The People & Passions That Matter Most”

Making: Memories
Cooking: Tortellini
Drinking: Barefoot Moscato Wine 
Reading: Elle Decor
Wanting: More time to read
Looking: Forward to the future
Playing: With my puppy
Wasting: Food in my fridge…. I hate it when that happens
Sewing: Ripped clothes
Wishing: I lived in BC on a property with tones of nature to explore
Enjoying: Spring weather
Waiting: For my next trip to visit my family
Liking: The choices I have made in life
Wondering: What the future holds
Loving: My family & friends
Hoping: To plan a trip somewhere I have never been
Marveling: Nature
Needing: New clothes (always)
Smelling: Everythingggg! I literally smell everything
Wearing: Flats, black skinny jeans, cream lacy shirt and a forest green blazer
Following: My dreams
Noticing: How many amazing people I have in my life
Knowing: That I have so much to learn
Thinking: About how awesome weekends are
Feeling: Excited to start a new job in the design industry!
Bookmarking: Patio furniture ideas in all my magazines
Opening: Way to many browsers at work
Giggling: At my husbands daily jokes

Any followers that would like  to use this template please do, make sure you  let me know so I can check out your page and get to know all you wonderful people!

Stolen from: A Pretty Penny

A look back at 2013 DIYs and a reminder to Love the people & passions that matter most to you in 2014